Angie Quaale

Border Towns column — Sometimes, it comes down to bacon and eggs

Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce president offers opinion on cross-border shopping.

Clearing up coconut confusion

Coconut isn’t just for dessert. A can of coconut milk or coconut cream can completely transform a recipe.

Inexplicable use of artificial colour gives her the blues

When did blue raspberry become a thing?I have personally never seen a…

Enough with the soup smoothies, thank you

If it's cold and sweet it's dessert, not soup, says our food columnist, Angie Quaale

Banana bread backlash was as instant as it was intense

Stance taken against the beloved loaf stirred up plenty of emotion among readers

Banana bread is dead to me

Nuts, chocolate — even a splash of rum — can't rescue this oven dullard

Try a catfish fry this summer

Delicious dish makes an ideal base for homemade tartar sauce

The dawn of a sandwich renaissance

The much-maligned tuna melt may have finally found its place among the upper crust

Glorious Russian garlic

Old-school silverskin can’t measure up to this sticky red treat

Sundaes on Tuesday

I am not normally a big ice cream eater but I do have fond childhood memories of what seemed to be a super huge bowl of “tiger-tiger” ice cream that my Dad would serve us when my mom went out after dinner.

Season of farm fresh food returns

Langley Community Farmers Market is up and running for the summer

Ramp up your spring menu

The first ramps of the season have finally started to appear at…

The great cilantro debate

Love it or hate it, there's no middle ground when it comes to this herb

A real beef with moving

Moving is, without question, the worst job on the planet.  It’s worse…

The return of a classic

Delicious creamed spinach will always find its way back to the dinner table

Stirring the pot in the great soup debate

Does it really matter? Is a soup by any other name just…

Sweet citrus of January

One of my favourite things about the winter is the incredible accessibility…