Slideshow: Endangered frogs leap to their new home near Seabird Island

Oregon Spotted Frog released near Seabird Island by The Canadian Oregon Spotted Frog Recovery Team

Drone captures epic hockey game

The recent cold snap allowed for a perfect outdoor B.C. hockey game.

ELECTION 2015: Federal candidates hope to make history in Cloverdale-Langley City this October

A list of the candidates in the new federal riding, where four hopefuls from the main parties are vying to make history.

Editorial — Drug debates part of a larger picture

The larger debate involving the use of drugs in society — legal, illegal, tested, patented and perhaps somewhere in between.

Editorial — Some common sense on housing

Not all housing prices are rising, but a two-tier market is developing. Detached homes are going up in price, due to lack of supply.

Editorial — Recreation boost for Aldergrove

New pool and ice arena financed out of existing revenue is a good plan, but will outdoor pool get much use during winter months?

Editorial — LNG dream comes a little closer

Petronas is ready to build plant, if environmental concerns can be dealt with.

Editorial — Senate shenanigans

Senators should not have the last word on what is considered acceptable spending of taxpayers' dollars.

Editorial — First Nations are taking ownership

First Nations are taking action on economic development and education, not always waiting for governments to catch up.

Editorial —Disturbing report from Truth and Reconciliation Commission

It is obvious that past attempts to assimilate First Nations people not only failed, but led to many other problems.

Time to move ahead and heal

The long and emotionally painful process of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has finally concluded.

Editorial — Cyclists, take care

Cycling is becoming more popular each year, but there are significant hazards on the roads.

Editorial — Election Amendment law not needed

This law is an invasion of privacy and will only lead to political manipulation, all in the name of winning an election.

Editorial — How best to deal with election debates

It would be better if Elections Canada took over administration of debates, based on guidelines that were agreed to by all parties.

Editorial — The homeless challenge

The issue of homelessness elicits strong opinions from people, and many people feel fearful when they see homeless people.

Editorial — The long federal election campaign

The federal election campaign has actually been underway for some time — certainly since the beginning of the year.

Editorial — Voting on transit plebiscite proves popular

Voter participation in Langley City is already almost twice what it was in November municipal elections.

Editorial — Will Alberta election results lead to a seismic shift?

NDP win could have an impact on federal election, planned for October.

IHIT takes over on Popkum explosion

Guns, explosion rock quiet rural neighbourhood near Agassiz

Editorial — Province and political parties want control of elections

Legislation, proposed and current, give too much power to political parties and Elections BC.