Kristyl Clark

Valley Mom: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

I used to decline anything sweet after a meal, claiming that my wine was my dessert

Valley mom: I didn’t know I was suffering from anxiety and depression

It was during my eldest daughter’s Christmas concert that I had a suspicion something was wrong

Pink Laundry: ‘It was liberating to blame the illness’

It seems like yesterday when mental illness rolled in fast and furious like an angry thundercloud

Pink Laundry: Behind the scenes of our holiday highlight reel

With the click of a mouse, a photo of our perfect little family standing in front of our perfect Christmas tree was online for all to see

Pink Laundry: Straight outta (our complex)

The kids were finally asleep, the house was quiet and Tucker was tuckered out on the sofa, furry belly in air.

Pink Laundry: Kids say the darnedest things, but also the creepiest.

Columnist Kristyl Clark returns with a few ghost stories to give you chills this Halloween

Pink Laundry: Dropping the dreaded D word

Marriage can be tough, especially when you're looking at it through the eyes of a five-year-old

Pink Laundry: It’s a boy!

Floppy-eared addition takes the Clark household by storm

Pink Laundry: Choosing a school was an education in itself

Years of planning ahead didn't translate to being prepared when it came time to make the big decision

Back Country Horsemen ready to rendezvous

Not-for-profit organization's Aldergrove chapter celebrates 25th year with Maple Ridge event.

Pink Laundry: Learn to love what makes you unique

Columnist’s hope for her daughters is that they will embrace the attributes that set them apart from their peers

Grand opening to celebrate new junior Kindergarten in Langley

Mural depicting what City of Langley means to children will be unveiled as part of grand opening celebrations on April 26

Milestones hosts night for autism awareness

Mitch Berger, Craig MacEwen among celebrity guests scheduled to attend

Pink paint pays tribute to cancer survivor’s journey

Custom paint job draws plenty of attention as concrete truck drives from Aldergrove to New York

Pink Laundry – This social butterfly’s wings have been clipped

Back in the day (not really all that long ago) I used…

Parenting is all about survival of the chillest

She's a Valley Mom blogger and Pink Laundry columnist talks about the day she 'lost it' on her unruly daughters

Community captured on camera

An Amateur photographer is gaining recognition for his love of Langley

Langley artists crossing boundaries

Trinity Western University art students are exhibiting their work south of the border

Produce workers lay down fresh holiday jams for Food Bank

The Bin Boyz Christmas album is available now by donation at Ralph's Farm Market in Murrayville

Pink Laundry – Season’s first snow puts meltdown into perspective

It’s easy to miss the good stuff when you’re too focused on the big stuff