Britco VP joins premier on mission

Chris Gardner accompanying Christy Clark on jobs and trade mission to Asia

Chris Gardner, the executive vice-president for Britco will be accompanying Premier Christy Clark on a jobs and trade mission.

The mission is off to China, Korea and Japan and its purpose is so strengthen B.C.’s relationship with those key Asian markets and advance liquefied natural gas (LNG) development opportunities.

Britco sees the export of LNG to Asia as a sustainable way to provide long-term jobs and opportunities for communities across the province.

“The development and export of LNG is going to redefine B.C.’s and Canada’s energy future,” Gardner said.

“It’s an enormous opportunity for our province.

“Not only is the investment in LNG a great opportunity for Britco, but also it means local jobs and local benefits for the communities where we work and for our suppliers and sub-contract partners.”

Approximately 500 of Britco’s employees work in B.C. and the development of LNG in this province will mean more jobs in B.C.

The province has committed to having three LNG facilities in operation by 2020, creating an estimated 9,000 new construction jobs. Britco is looking to provide state-of-the-art workforce accommodations required to house the thousands of skilled workers required for these projects.

“Britco’s modular approach to building construction is a greener, smarter, faster way to build,” Gardner said.

“Because we are working off-site and on-site at the same time, we are able to drive costs down and accelerate the construction schedule.”

The jobs and trades mission wraps up on Dec. 3.