Companies partnering up to make recycling easier

London Drugs, Febreze and TerraCycle teaming up

Spring cleaning has always been a messy job that can produce lots of garbage, whether it be plastic air freshener cartridges and the blister packs they come in, trigger heads on spray bottles, screw caps from cleaners, used packages of disposable cleaning wipes and more.

And while these items are technically recyclable, the high cost of separating mixed plastics means the infrastructure to recycle them isn’t available across the country.

But it will now be easier thanks to a partnership between London Drugs, Febreze and TerraCycle.

People can now drop off those materials at drop-off boxes at select London Drugs stores. Once full, the boxes will be shipped to TerraCycle, an independent recycling agency specializing in diverting from landfill what municipalities deem ‘non-recyclable.”

“We have seen a number of great successes in our partnership with TerraCycle, and we are proud to be able to expand upon the types of items our customers can recycle,” said Maury McCausland, retail operations sustainability specialist at London Drugs.

“This program is a natural extension to our Bring Back the Pack and What’s the Green Deal? programs, so we expect to see great engagement from those who are dedicated to diverting waste from our landfills.”

“Diverting home cleaning waste from landfill is a huge job, but with these drop-off boxes, it’s made easy — whenever you’re planning a visit to London Drugs, you bring your used trigger heads along and leave them at the store. We take care of the rest,” said TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky.

For those unable to visit a London Drugs store in person, TerraCycle is offering the option to sign up for its Air and Home Care Brigade, a free, online-based recycling program.

People can sign up at, collect waste at home and then download a free shipping label, which allows for easy pickup.

The Air and Home Care Brigade rewards collectors with two cents for each item of waste shipped to TerraCycle; the money can be put toward a charity, non-profit or school. This popular method of fundraising-via-recycling is unique to TerraCycle and applies to the London Drugs pilot program as well — all money raised from customer drop-offs will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

For more info on the Brigade, see