Cranberries get promotion from government

B.C. Marketing Commission receiving $15,700 to help promote cranberries to both consumers and manufacturers

British Columbians will be learning more about the benefits of including locally grown cranberries on their holiday and daily menus as a result of the provincial government’s Buy Local program.

The B.C. Marketing Commission is receiving $15,700 to help promote cranberries to both consumers and to value-added manufacturers.

“The BC Cranberry Marketing Commission is grateful for the recognition of the cranberry industry in B.C. and for the opportunity to increase awareness of this important crop to B.C. consumers,” said Jack Brown, BC Cranberry Marketing Commission chair.

“This is a proud industry with 73 family farms, some of whom are fourth- generation cranberry farmers. To communicate what our farmers do on a daily basis to maintain their farms and produce this special berry will assist us in ensuring cranberry farming will remain in this province for many more generations.”

“Cranberries are just one example of a locally produced food that British Columbians can serve and enjoy to celebrate the holidays and support B.C.’s farmers and their community,” said Minister of Agriculture Norm Letnick.

“When you buy local food products, you and your family will not only enjoy the flavours of B.C.’s high-quality foods but you ensure that your dollars stay in our communities.”

The Buy Local program offers successful applicants matching funds up to $100,000 to launch or expand local food marketing campaigns. The BC Cranberry Marketing Commission is the first organization to receive Buy Local funding.

Building the local market for British Columbia’s foods is a key commitment of government’s Agrifoods Strategy, a component of the BC Jobs Plan, to lead the agrifoods sector growth into a $14-billion-a-year industry by 2017.