Langley gutter company challenges others to open up hearts and wallets

Gateway of Hope, Langley Food Bank, and Lnagley Environmental Partners Society are benefiting from the generosity of a local business.

Kymar Gutters Inc. co-owners Marcela Ferreira and Kyle Chester are donating dollars to various Langley charities and are challenging other businesses to do the same.

Kymar Gutters Inc. co-owners Marcela Ferreira and Kyle Chester are donating dollars to various Langley charities and are challenging other businesses to do the same.

It’s a generous donation that Kyle Chester hopes will snowball into something even bigger.

But the only way for that to happen is for other businesses to take up his challenge.

On Tuesday, Chester and his wife, Marcela Ferreira, who co-own Langley-based Kymar Gutters Inc., donated $3,000 each to the Langley Food Bank, Gateway of Hope shelter, and Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS).

The couple is challenging other gutter businesses and for that matter, any other Langley businesses in general to follow suit.

Chester said he and his wife make charitable donations every year for tax relief and “trying to give back to society.”

The ultimate goal is to get other Langley companies to jump on board and donate to local charities.

Chester believes the amount of money they are donating – $9,000 in total – “isn’t that big of a deal.”

“There are companies out there that have a lot more money than us to give to charities and we’re just a small company, but if we can send a challenge out and we can get one or two other companies to donate $3,000 or $4,000 or $5,000, then it starts to become a big deal, if we get some kind of chain reaction going,” Chester said.

They chose the Langley Food Bank and Gateway of Hope because the local need is tangible.

“Especially the food bank and the Gateway of Hope; this is probably the most visible need in our society, right now,” Chester said.

“You drive by 203rd (Street), you see people waiting outside all the time to get into the (Langley Help Network) food bank.”

He added, “You hear so many stories about how people are living on the edge of not making their rent and not making their mortgage payment. There are so many stories about childhood poverty and malnutrition based on affluence.

“Obviously food is the basic necessity. And also when it comes down to addiction, I’ve never been addicted to a drug other than nicotine. They say nicotine is the worst but if it’s anything like meth, or the other stuff that the Gateway of Hope deals with, that’s awful.”

They chose Nov. 29 as the day to make the donations because it was Giving Tuesday (, billed as “a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.”

Langley Food Bank is located at 5768 203 St. For info call 604-533-0671, or via email at Visit the local food bank’s website by clicking here.

As well, the Aldergrove Food Bank is located in the AV Centre (former Elks Hall) at 27309 Fraser Highway.  Their phone number is 604-857-1671.

There are two food banks in Langley.

Sources is located at 5673 – 200 St.

Sources Langley Food Bank distributes food every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The local food bank accepts food and monetary donations at local grocery stores, as well.

Sources Langley Food Bank operations coordinator Bruce Strom said the organization really appreciates “when members of the community go out of their way to provide assistance to the Sources Langley Food Bank and especially when they are encouraging others to do the same.”

“Our greatest need is for monetary donations and we have the buying power to turn every $1 into $3, so this allows us to purchase items we are lacking as we need them,” Strom said.

“This also helps to eliminate the need to organize and pay for more storage space so it gives our food bank the best value.”

Gateway of Hope

The objective of the Gateway of Hope — at 5787 Langley Bypass — is to “help the homeless and those at risk with material assistance and other crucial supports.”

The facility also operates a community meal program which offers meals to the general public every day of the week, feeding an average of 150 people at each meal.

Donate online by clicking here.

Donations via cheque, credit card, debit or cash are also accepted in person at the Gateway of Hope.


The Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS) has a mission of “protecting and restoring the environment through education, cooperation and action” and fostering a balanced approach to sustainable living.

For more info click here.