Langley’s B&W Insurance Brokers honoured as one of Canada’s best

Insurance Business Canada recognizes 31 outstanding brokerages from across the country

A Langley insurance brokerage had been recognized as one of the leading firms in all of Canada.

B&W Insurance Brokers was named one of Canada’s top brokerages by Insurance Business Canada.

To determine the best in the industry, Insurance Business Canada collected both quantitative and qualitative information from the nominees, comparing client counts, analyzing client retention rates and new business development, as well as revenue figures.

“Beyond purely reviewing numbers, we assessed nominees on attributes such as innovation, client relations and strategic leadership. And to some degree, we looked at the character and culture inherent in a successful brokerage,” said Donald Horne, the associate editor of Insurance Business Canada.

“Because at the end of the day, it’s easy to forget the importance of that human touch and the impact it has in today’s hyper-digitized world — especially in a client-focused service industry like insurance.”

The whole process narrowed down the nominee pool to a select group of 31 brokerages that exemplify success and a well-rounded approach needed to get ahead in the market.