New online tool for Township residents

Langley residents can find up-to-date information on development activities

Residents who want more up-to-date information on development activities in the Township now have a new online tool, the Development Activity Information (DAI) feature.

Providing instant access to development statistics and activity updates, it can be found on the Township’s website.

“We have created a new tool that is intended to keep developers apprised of the progress of their applications, while giving residents, businesses, and anyone interested in investing in the community a snapshot of the growth and development opportunities happening here in the Township,” said Ramin Seifi, who heads the engineering and community development departments.

Community Development joined forces with the Township’s Information Technology (IT) department to create the online DAI tool after council was recently asked to publish Langley In Progress every month.

Langley In Progress details significant multi-family, commercial, industrial, institutional, and single family subdivision development applications, and summarizes the statistics by community. It had previously been issued in print and online every three months.

Following the request, IT and community development staff said that they could go even further and not just issue the information more frequently, but also make it easier to find.

“The public now has access to this information any time of the day or night, from their own home or office,” said IT manager Steve Scheepmaker.

“With just a few clicks, they can view new development applications and project updates, or subscribe to an RSS feed that will send new applications and updates to existing projects to their mobile devices or email.:

The tool features applications that were made from Jan. 1, 2011. Viewers can see the status of all development projects in the Township within a day of them being updated.

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