Valerie Meyer, owner of LED Quantum Light Therapy in Langley, is the first operator to practice this type of therapy in Canada.

Valerie Meyer, owner of LED Quantum Light Therapy in Langley, is the first operator to practice this type of therapy in Canada.

New technology used for healing

LED Quantum Light Therapy opens in Langley

LED lights are used for far more than energy efficient Christmas decorations.

Pain relief, faster healing, skin conditions and anti-aging can all be aided through light therapy sessions using state-of-the-art LEDs.

LED Quantum Light Therapy, now open in the Jeske Corporate Centre at 200 Street and 72 Avenue, is the very first office in Canada to offer this new technology.

By sending restorative information right to the cellular level, LED lights can increase healing time by up to 40 per cent, said Valerie Meyers, certified light energy technician and owner of LED Quantum Light Therapy.

“It supports your body to heal itself,” she explained.

“It’s drug free, needle free and pain free.”

Not to be confused with laser technology, which focuses light in one place, LED is a wider-spectrum system that targets larger areas.

Using different colours for different types of treatments, the lights tell the cells to create nitric oxide, a chemical naturally produced by our bodies, to block pain.

Blue lights are used to treat skin and infrared lights, which are not visible to the human eye, can penetrate 11 inches into the body to help with healing bones.

By pairing different lights with the correct frequencies, Meyers says she can help with increased range of motion, improved sleep, relaxation and stress reduction, elimination of toxins, lymphatic activity and drainage, increased sensations and circulation, cell regeneration and collagen production.

“I have come out of retirement to do this,” Meyers said.

“I’m honestly telling you the pain factor is amazing.”

Meyers first heard about the treatments from her husband, Edward, a scientist who has specialized in LEDs for the past five years.

The technology dates as far back as the 1940s and has been used in Europe for 30 years. It was introduced to the United States two years ago, where Meyers received her training, and is now being brought to Canada.

It has been used by the Navy SEALs and NASA in the United States, Meyers said, and significant advances in the technology over the last few years convinced her and her husband to finally open an office.

“That’s why it’s leading edge, the technology has caught up with the knowledge, and now the two are together,” she said.

The therapy is not a cure though, Meyers warns. It is meant to be used as a complimentary system.

“Go to your doctor, you make sure what’s happening because I don’t know how to diagnose and I don’t want to,” she said.

“I don’t encourage anyone to come off any medication. Use this as a support. If this takes you where you don’t have to use that pain medication, then by all means.

“So for skeptics, do what works for you. But if something isn’t working and you have to look outside the box, look for the safest mechanism and understand that each individual is different.”

From personal experience, Meyers believes the therapy is extremely helpful. Out of 300 people served on her practicum, only one said they didn’t experience any relief.

It is also incredibly safe. Meyers has used it to treat her two-year-old granddaughter’s eczema.

“If I left this on you turned on all day it could do no harm,” she said.

“After 20 minutes though, your cells say ‘OK I’ve got the information’ and they go off and process that to support the body in healing. Whereas lasers if you leave it on too long you’ll get a hole.”

To learn more about LED Quantum Light Therapy, call 604-510-3657 or visit their Facebook page at

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