Telus making Langley investment

Telus investing $10.5 million in new communications infrastructure

Telus is investing $10.5 million in new communications infrastructure in Langley this year to meet the growing demand for high-speed internet services, update every wireless site in the community to 4G LTE to increase data speed and capacity, and expand the reach of Optik TV service.

“As the population of Langley grows, the city’s demand for Internet and wireless services continues to skyrocket. We are committed to sustained investment in increasing the speed, capacity and reliability of our networks throughout the community for both businesses and residents,” said Bruce Dorwart, Telus director of customer solutions delivery in Langley.

“Our network is the communications backbone for many critical services throughout Langley, including education and healthcare, and this investment will contribute to the health of Langley’s citizens and economy now and into the future.”

“In the 21st century, B.C.’s digital infrastructure is as essential as our physical infrastructure,” said Amrik Virk, the minister of technology, innovation and citizens’ services.

“This investment by Telus will help ensure Langley’s connectivity infrastructure will meet the growing demand for wireless and Internet services.”