Robert Perovich (left) and Nate Beveridge have teamed up to open Langley’s Hybrid Athletics Inc. The new gym had its grand opening last Saturday.

Robert Perovich (left) and Nate Beveridge have teamed up to open Langley’s Hybrid Athletics Inc. The new gym had its grand opening last Saturday.

Training buddies become business partners

Pair join forces to open Hybrid Athletics Inc. in Langley

One is a teacher, while the other is a male model.

But while their backgrounds may be different, they share a key trait: a love of working out and fitness.

And now, Nate Beveridge and Robert Perovich have joined together to open Hybrid Athletics Inc. in Langley.

Beveridge, who grew up in White Rock before moving to Vancouver Island, found his love for fitness while at UBC.

A wide receiver with the Thunderbirds and a kinesiology student, he worked on the side as a personal trainer.

Beveridge won the Bobby Gaul Award in 2005 —  presented to the top male UBC athlete — and signed a free agent deal with the B.C. Lions.

But after failing to stick with the CFL club, he chose to focus on his work as a personal trainer.

“I always grew up thinking I wanted to teach kids,” Beveridge explained.

“I had a personal desire to make a difference in people’s lives and I found my training provided that opportunity for me.

“It allowed me to (train) kids, like I would in school, and with adults and athletes and everyday people, really affecting their lives in a positive way.

“It fulfilled that desire that I have.”

While working as a director of strength and conditioning at the gym at the North Shore Winter Club, he met Perovich, whose son was playing hockey at the club.

Perovich had an athletic background himself — track and field and hockey, particularly — but also did some modeling work.

“I was getting ready to do a campaign for a perfume and for me, (Nate) fit the bill for what I was looking for.”

Perovich needed to trim some weight and put on some muscle for the job, which was both a print and TV ad.

Enjoying their working relationship, they soon became training partners and Perovich wound up working towards getting his certification to train others.

Working for the same gym, they decided to branch out and open their own fitness centre.

“His knowledge and desire and passion matched mine,” Beveridge said.

They took over their current building — which used to be the home of the Langley Gymnastics Foundation — and began renovations in February.

The gym space is 5,00 square feet with state of the art equipment, a 30-yard field turf strip, Olympic lifting platforms, bars and plates, Strongman training equipment and more.

Hybrid Athletics can train all ages and all levels, whether it is a person rehabilitating from an injury to high-level individual athletes or even groups or teams.

“Fitness isn’t just going to the gym, sweating a little and calling it a day,” reads the gym’s mission statement.

“Being healthy, encompasses the way you eat, think, act and generally live.

“Fitness is a way of life and we are excited to have the opportunity to be a part of your journey to reaching your potential.”

In addition to Beveridge and Perovich, Christine Girard, one of Canada’s top female weightlifters, runs classes at the gym, and they have Michelle Fiddler, a coach and nutritional consultant.

The gym also offers child-minding services.