Working together to target common market

In an effort to be more effective and efficient, Tourism Langley is joining forces with Tourism Abbotsford and Tourism Chilliwack in a combined marketing effort.

The three will use their marketing funds to target common markets.

“We all agree that by working together to create a multi-jurisdictional marketing campaign, we will benefit more than by working independently,” said Deborah Kulchiski, the executive director of Tourism Langley.

“Creating routes by combining key products for each community will only strengthen people’s awareness and create a larger tourism impact on the Fraser Valley.”

‘Handpicked in the Valley — Where Adventures Take Route’ is the motto created by the group.

Alberta is one common market the three are targeting and will be the launching pad of the campaign.

Routes will be created to target leisure travelers, linking the three Fraser Valley communities through their unique products.

The organizations have worked together in the past, including the Regional Circle Farm Tour Marketing Initiative, which has been around since 2004. It involves five Fraser Valley communities.

The website launches this spring.