Vehicle staging is an important aspect of the Langley Good Times Cruise-In so everyone can get a good look at the vehicles. (Aldergrove Star files)

Vehicle staging is an important aspect of the Langley Good Times Cruise-In so everyone can get a good look at the vehicles. (Aldergrove Star files)

Aldergrove Community Secondary parking lot to house participants, guests

Langley Good Times Cruise-In has plans in place to ensure a safe and functional staging area

Aldergrove Community Secondary School (ACSS) will be home base for vehicles taking part in the Langley Good Times Cruise-In this summer.

Parading from the school will be 100 per cent official, assured organizers, who noted the road will be closed at 5 a.m. so vehicles will be starting to move in once Fraser is secure from traffic.

Holly Trytko started with the Cruise-In as a traffic manager for the traffic control company that was hired to close the road down in Aldergrove.

“I ran traffic management for two years, ended up changing jobs, and then was asked if I could participate on the board with a bit of a different capacity,” she explained. “2019 was my first year working as a volunteer for parking coordinator and was officially asked to be a part of the board for the 2020 season.”

2021 will be Trytko’s first Cruise-In as a board member.

“ACSS will be amazing,” she assured. “We will be having two separate lines to separate registered and unregistered vehicles. Lots of room on 29th Avenue to accommodate vehicles in case there is overwhelming participation the day of that will not affect the detour routes like in previous years.”

The parking lot will also have room for car clubs to organize, so they are able to move out and park together.

Trytko noted that she will also have a couple separate routes to move vehicles faster for parking on Fraser Highway itself.

“Since we will have multiple routes to Fraser, we ask that registrants pay attention to where they are being directed to and to please be respectful to the volunteers who put so much time and effort making sure everything goes smoothly,” she added.

Each route will be colour coordinated with arrows to direct individuals to their parking location.

“Our goal is to have all vehicles parked no later than 9 a.m. on Saturday,” Trytko added.

Crowds typically start showing up at 8 a.m. and it becomes dangerous to move vehicles though the crowds, the organizer noted.

“As always, the early morning is not the time to show off your exhaust and how loud it can go. We always ask that all participants be respectful of the neighbourhood who has allowed us to be there and move as quietly and efficiently in the early morning,” Trytko said.

She also explained that spectators are not typically planned for the arrival and departure of participants, but they are welcome to come to watch as long as they are respectful to the early morning and take into account that ACSS is in a residential area.

Once vehicles have dispersed through the community, senior ACSS students will be utilizing the school’s space and operating a parking lot for the public – as part of their grad fundraiser.

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