KURT LANGMANN PHOTO Diana Ng stands at the centre of her new labyrinth at Aldergrove’s St. Dunstan’s Church.

KURT LANGMANN PHOTO Diana Ng stands at the centre of her new labyrinth at Aldergrove’s St. Dunstan’s Church.

Aldergrove’s ‘a-maze-ing’ puzzle

The ‘Labyrinth Lady’ creates new path on church grounds

It’s a labour of love that speaks of love of life.

A newly completed walking labyrinth has been built on the grounds of the St. Dunstan’s Church in Aldergrove for visitors to enjoy as a work of art as well as a thoughtful space for meditating.

Diana Ng, also known as the “Labyrinth Lady,” was invited to construct the large brick and grass pathway on the church’s front grounds after a chance meeting with one of the church’s parishioners, Mary Gillanders.

“We met at a club for poets, and when Mary saw my book (Walking the Labyrinth: Your Path to Peace and Possibilities) she became excited about the idea of having one built in Aldergrove,” said Ng.

The church board agreed and gave the go-ahead for the attractive design that graces the front yard and complements the design of the church buildings.

It is Ng’s fourth labyrinth project and one of the largest yet. It measures 55 feet across and the 36 inch grass pathway, bordered by 12 inch wide bricks set into concrete, meanders through the great circle, culminating in a central circle, the final destination of the pathway.

As the bricks are set in concrete, maintenance should be easy as the lawn cannot grow between the individual bricks and a lawnmower can readily ride over top of the bricks.

The church is planning an opening ceremony for the new walking labyrinth.

Labyrinths were common in many ancient cultures, with some dating back thousands of years. Their origins and reasons for existence are shrouded in the mists of time, but Ng says they have a spiritual benefit.

Diana Ng wants peace and possibilities in today’s frantic world. As a mature student, on her journey towards healing from trauma and making a career change from nursing, she discovered the labyrinth as a pathway to mindfulness and walking meditation.

As the Rev. Dr. Lauren Arress said of Ng’s book, “Diana Ng reveals an ancient spiritual practice of walking labyrinths that is currently helping millions of individuals calm their chattering minds.”

Ng said she first became aware of walking labyrinths while doing her master’s studies at Royal Roads University when someone “drew a white chalk walking labyrinth in the asphalt and got the class to walk it. It works as a metaphor for life,” says Ng.

She is an award nominated speaker and published author, who operates a peace store. A pioneer in her field, Diana has committed her business to transform individuals, groups, and organizations by directing them to a new form of success — transformed by the gentle powers of mindfulness and walking meditation in the labyrinth.

Ng is a Surrey resident and attends South Fraser Unitarian Church — while also practicing Buddhism — and built three walking labyrinths in Surrey, including one at her own home, one at Fleetwood Park and most recently at Forest Grove Elementary School. She also organizes the anual Peace Walk, coming to Fleetwood Park on May 5.

Read more about Diana Ng and her work at her website: http://labyrinthlady.ca/