An early Christmas for Critter Care

Animal rescue society gets a boost from Mainroad and Transportation ministry

Gail Martin

Gail Martin

A grateful Gail Martin says Christmas came early to the Critter Care Wildlife Society this year, courtesy of some generous volunteers from the Mainroad company and the provincial ministry of transportation.

Martin, the founder of the Langley-based wild animal rescue and rehab, said she was taken aback when Real Charrois from Mainroad Infrastructure walked into her office and asked of there was any work that needed doing.

“Boy, do I have jobs for you,” she said.

During a walk around the property Martin pointed out several possible projects, expecting Charrois would pick just one.

“I told him we needed a little roof over the intern building deck, a new food shed that was rat proof and he said, ‘yes we can do that’ [then] he said what else?”

So she told him how the fawn enclosure needed an addition and how some cement slabs donated by Abbotsford Concrete needed to be laid in their new skunk nursery.

“We can do all that for you,” Charrois said.

And on Oct. 22, they did.

A group of volunteers from Mainroad and the ministry of transportation showed up and proceeded to tackle every one of the jobs.

“I can never begin to thank them for all they have done for Critter Care,” Martin said.

“It hasn’t been easy getting badly needed jobs done so for me it was a dream come true.”