BC Cancer Foundation canvassers in Langley to promote monthly giving program

Canvassers will wear distinctive purple vests and will not accept cash or one-time gifts, says foundation spokesperson

BC Cancer Foundation door-to-door canvassers are currently going door to door in Langley.

For security purposes, canvassers will be wearing ID badges and purple foundation-issued vests as they introduce local residents to the BC Cancer Foundation’s monthly donor program.

According to a foundation release, monthly donations support the life-saving research taking place at the BC Cancer Agency—helping to change the way the world prevents, detects and treats cancer.

Langley residents are asked to note that BC Cancer Foundation canvassers will invite them to take part in the foundation’s monthly giving program only, and will not accept cash or one-time gifts at the door. Once a person has signed up for monthly gifts, they will receive an email confirmation immediately.

Anyone with questions relating to the door-to-door program, partner in discovery monthly giving program, or a fundraiser in their neighbourhood, is asked to call Colleen Malli at 1-888-906-2873 or visit bccancerfoundation.com.