Kids will get their chance to work alongside Jimmy Shine to judge cars at the Langley Good Times Cruise-In this year. (Aldergrove Star files)

Kids will get their chance to work alongside Jimmy Shine to judge cars at the Langley Good Times Cruise-In this year. (Aldergrove Star files)

Custom car celeb Jimmy Shine returns for fourth year at Langley Good Times Cruise-In

Will tour the show, meet with car owners, and hand out Shine Speed Shop Award of Excellence

Southern California custom car builder Jimmy Shine is coming back for round four of the Langley Good Times Cruise-In.

Making his debut in 2018, the custom car builder and reality television show star will be picking the best of the best in Aldergrove – awarding the Shine Speed Shop Award of Excellence among other prizes.

Hailing from Orange County and initially born with the difficult last name Falschlenhner, Shine first cut his teeth in the auto industry as an aspiring hot rodder during the ‘80s.

Spending decades buying and restoring old vehicles – notably a 1953 Hudson Super Wasp once owned by actor Steve McQueen – he got a life-altering gig as a fabricator as O-CAL Speed Shop in the late 1990s.

Hard work and partnerships eventually led to television work for the Discovery Channel including appearances on Weaponizer’s, Car Warriors, and most recently, Jay Leno’s Garage.

Owner and operator of Shine Speed Shop, he appears as a guest of honour, meeting with classic car aficionados and doing what he loves to do – meet owners and see their rides.

“Riccardo and I knew each other from other car shows in the past. I thought he was doing a wonderful job with promotions and he invited to the Langley Good Times Cruise-In,” Shine explained.

Shine now travels to shows throughout the world, but still ranks the Cruise-In up at the top.

“It’s run smoothly – great people and great cars,” Shine assured.

Always on the docket is his Award of Excellence that he hands out to one lucky participant that impresses him with what they’ve done on their vehicle.

Shine did note that it’s an open-ended award, meaning there’s no criteria he’s looking to fill.

“I’m not looking for best hot rod or best engine. I didn’t even give it to a car owner at an event one year – I gave it to volunteers,” Shine explained. “It frees everything up that way and makes it more fun.”

The celeb also knows its not awards or his appearance that make Cruise-In unique anyway.

“It’s the funnest atmospheres because I’ve been to ones that are indoor or outdoor, but this one is right downtown on the main stretch so people get walk around. Businesses open for people to eat at,” he explained.

In fact, the cancellation of the 2020 Cruise-In left him yearning to come back even more.

“I missed seeing friends in 2020,” he acknowledged. “It all felt a little off last year.”

Shine summed up what makes the annual car show in Aldergrove so special is the people that he meets and the friends that he makes.

“These cars are just the common thread that bring everyone together. We all speak the same language, which is our love of cars – but it opens up opportunities like the entertainment and making friends and having barbecues,” Shine added.

People can catch Jimmy Shine wandering around Cruise-In all throughout Saturday, Sept. 11.

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