An Earth Ninja volunteer found an upright vacuum cleaner on one of their picks along Aldergrove roads last week. (Special to The Star)

Earth Ninja founder looking for help to haul Aldergrove’s trash to the dump

Jocelyn Titus has seen a spike in help and donations since her four-day-long marathon in April

Jocelyn Titus, founder of Earth Ninjas and Cleaning Up Aldergrove, has seen a lot of change since her weekend-long mega cleanup along Fraser Highway last Earth Day – April 22.

Donations poured in, offering Titus the chance to purchase new equipment like 15 new trash pickers, one extended picker to reach into deep ditches, and even vests with the Earth Ninja logo on it.

“Everyone will know who we are while cleaning the streets,” Titus exclaimed, even pasting the logo on specialized buckets for her picks.

What hasn’t changed, however, is the amount of trash piling up in ditches along roads such as 264th Street.

“Seven Earth Ninjas came out and cleaned up along 264th,” she explained. “We found a lot of Styrofoam, a retro stereo, an old cooler, and a upright vacuum. A lot of litter from fast food to shopping bags too.”

In two-and-a-half hours, volunteers collected more than fifteen bags of trash, which has posed a challenge, not only for the volunteers who come to help, but for Titus, who must then haul the heap away.

“I choose to haul all the trash to a bin due to programs being suspended. It’s not the safest and, well, let’s be honest – this trash is dirty and wet,” Titus said. “Relying on volunteers with trucks just isn’t what I like to do. Those bags are heavy and slinging them into a bin is a challenge for me as well.”

She said leaving the trash in a pile for a company to take away would be ideal.

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“I host weekly/biweekly cleanups and would love to get sponsored by a reliable like minded company who cares about our environment,” Titus added. “I firmly believe planet over profit.”

Titus invited any company that likes what Earth Ninjas are doing to help sponsor or aid in the trash removal process.

Titus is also additionally looking for artists to help bring awareness to litter, recycling and community efforts.

“I’m wanting to create a trash calendar for us earth ninjas. All costumes are used out of trash and recycled items.,” Titus explained. “I’m in need of make up artists, photographer and maybe someone who has a creative flare for trashy costume making.”

People can contact Titus by emailing or visit

The next group cleanup will take place Saturday, May 29 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Anyone interested in lending a hand can meet along 48th Ave at 264th Street.

Volunteers are instructed to wear boots and prepare for rain or shine; everything else including tools and gloves will be available.

“We need to prioritize our planet. It’s a shame our community-planet is left in this condition,” Titus concluded.

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Earth Ninjas have special buckets with their logo on it for garbage picks around Aldergrove. (Special to The Star)