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Langley Mounties win fast draw competition

Officers “Really Can Move Pistols,” event organizer said
Langley RCMP officers Phil Colter and Julie Bion won the men’s and women’s divisions at the Aldergrove Fair “celebrity shoot” organized by the Thunderbird Fast Draw Club on Saturday, July 15, at high noon. (Special to Langley Advance Times)

Two Langley RCMP officers were the quickest guns at an Aldergrove fast draw competition.

Cpl. Julie Bion won the women’s division, and Cst. Phil Colter won the men’s, at the Aldergrove Fair “celebrity shootout” held on Saturday, July 15 at high noon, with competitors firing blanks at balloons.

Bion wore western garb for the event, while Colter, who claimed the fastest overall shot of .505 of a second, competed in his RCMP uniform.

A smiling Bion credited her “excellent RCMP training” for the win.

Event organizer Den Robinson remarked the RCMP “entrants lived up their group’s initials and proved they Really Can Move Pistols – and fast!”

It was part of the World Fast Draw Association (WFDA) championships, hosted at the fair by the Aldergrove-based Thunderbird Fast Draw Club.

Aldergrove’s Nicole Franks, a champion shooter who underwent back surgery a year ago, managed an impressive comeback, winning the women’s divisions in the overall competition as well as the provincial “thumb-bust” event, where competitors use a one-handed draw style (Frank Lawton from Sturgis, North Dakota, won the men’s thumb-bust).

Current U.S. wax bullet champions Paula Murphy and Shawn Murphy from Walnut Grove did well, with Paula taking second in the overall women’s division and Shawn second in the men’s, which was won by Dan Qualls from Jerome, Idaho.

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The Aldergrove competition is now the “longest continually running event in the world of fast draw,” Robinson reported.

This year, Robinson said the new federal government handgun freeze resulted in a smaller turnout, leaving many foreign shooters “with a hesitancy to bring their handguns across our border” because of the national freeze on the sale, purchase, and transfer of handguns that took effect in October of 2022.

”One American actually came and borrowed one of our handguns, all of which are only single-action six-guns [or] ‘old west’ style.” Robinson remarked.

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Top shooters, men:

1. Dan Qualls, Jerome, Idaho

2. Shawn Murphy, Langley

3 Garry Porteous, Surrey

4. Den Robinson, Burnaby

5. Don Alger, Surrey

6. Frank Lawton, Sturgis, S. Dakota

Top shooters, women

1. Nicole Franks, Aldergrove

2. Paula Murphy, Langley

3. Karen Robinson, Burnaby

4. Judy Lawton, Sturgis, S. Dakota

5. Carla Howell, Stayton, Oregon

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