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Langley resident’s quarantine time turned out fruitful

A Langley City resident used COVID restrictions to his advantage and wrote his first book while at home. Given that he had trouble reading growing up, he said self-publishing science fiction was a miracle.

Tony Beier Richard, who is in his 50s, said the pandemic opened up an opportunity for him as doctors suggested isolating at home with his wife who was immune compromised.

He works as a bus driver but took time off to help his wife.

“That [time off] gave me the time to do writing as well,” said Richard, a former computer programmer and instructor.

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His book Roswell First Contact: Earth’s Secret Alliance is the first in the three-episode series.

His science fiction is set in 1947 when a spaceship crash lands in Roswell, N.M. The story follows the journey of Malcolm, a military officer who fights aliens to protect his planet, Zalma. Malcolm also deals with his childhood experiences to find a voice for himself in his struggle.

Richard hinted that Malcolm might also be seen saving earth in his other book but does not want to give away the plot.

Along with the online version, Richard will also be releasing a “dyslexic version of the book” – laid out with special consideration to alleviate some of the difficulties reported by readers of dyslexia. The idea to have a dyslexic version of the book comes from his childhood experience. Though never diagnosed, Richard believes he has dyslexia.

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“It takes me an hour to read what people can read in a minute. I read paragraphs over and over again,” he said.

When Richard tried reading bigger font, he found his reading experience a lot easier.

Richard said his books are for everyone, not just people of a certain age. He added that he would soon approach the libraries to have his book available for the public.

For more information on Richard’s book, people can visit his website at His book will be available online on Amazon starting at the end of January.

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