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LIVING 60 : Langley seniors talk about their pets, personalities, and play

In each edition of Living 60+, we ask a selection of local seniors for their take on various topics
Hazel Maurer (top left), Denise Douglas, Mary Ball (bottom left), and Loretta Solomon share thoughts about their pets. (Heather Colpitts/Langley Advance Times)

What was your most unique pet or your favourite pet?


Hazel Maurer grew up in a household with unique cats that came from her aunt. Each cat has two different coloured eyes.

“Our family had several cats that had different coloured eyes,” she noted.


Denise Douglas had had about half a dozen cats over the years, and they all just adopted her and her family.

“They were strays that showed up in our yard,” she said.

She loved that they all had such different personalities.


Mary Ball had a standing hair appointment – for her and her hypoallergenic miniature schnauzer – although at different shops.

“You have to get the hair cut every five or six weeks,” she said of her dog. “When I get my hair cut, I take her in.”

She said the dog, almost four, is good company.


Loretta Solomon recently lost her Bernese Mountain dog at the age of 10. At about the age of nine, Bentley, a big dog with a big personality, started learning the command buttons his owners purchased. The buttons communicate his wish for things such as treat, hug, outside, or bedtime.

“He learned all the different buttons,” she said.

On the other hand, he took swim lessons and failed, she said with a chuckle.

Heather Colpitts

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