Sign up to bowl for kids on April 14

Annual fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Langley is a step toward putting a stop to bullying

Roll a ball and help put a stop to bullying.

That may be a slight oversimplification, but the principle is sound according to a recent survey which not only states that half of all Canadians adults were bullied as a child or teenager, but that 85 per cent  believe that providing children and teenagers who bully others with a volunteer mentor is an effective way to reduce bullying.

On April 14, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Langley will host their annual Bowl for Kids Sake fundraiser.

The unique campaign challenges individuals and businesses to “step up to strike out” bullying in Canada by supporting the work of volunteer Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

“Canadians universally understand that the friendship and guidance of a mentor is one of the most effective ways to prevent abusive behaviours and help those who have been abused,” says Mary Reeves, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Langley.

“By giving children and teenagers the guidance they need to become the positive and caring individuals they are capable of being, we can steer them to a positive path in life.”

The one-on-one and in-school youth mentoring services provided by volunteer Big Brothers and Big Sisters have proven to be instrumental in reducing bullying and other related negative behaviours such as lack of interest in school; truancy; low self-esteem and drug and alcohol abuse.

“We are doing the best we can to stop bullying, but more volunteers and financial resources are needed to get the job done,” Reeves said.

“Mentoring programs can significantly contribute to reducing bullying and its harmful effects. We invite the community to take a stand by participating in the Bowl for Kids Sake kickoff event on April 14 at Willowbrook Lanes.”

“People who accept this invitation will help local kids today and make their communities stronger tomorrow.”

People and businesses can donate to the Bowl for Kids Sake campaign or volunteer to fundraise by visiting for more information.

Anyone who wants to help put a to stop to bullying can contact the office, after visiting the website, at 604-530-5055 to sign up a team.

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