Test drive events raise almost $17,000

The eight events Dams Ford Lincoln spearheaded raised a total of $16,980.

Almost $17,000 was raised for local schools through eight  Drive One 4 UR School events in 2011 held by Dams Ford Lincoln, which has locations in Langley and Surrey.

The eight events Dams spearheaded raised a total of $16,980.

The events are part of Ford of Canada’s innovative Drive One 4 UR Community and Drive One 4 UR School programs, which have raised more than $1 million for Canadian schools and organizations.

The local events were among the most successful held anywhere in B.C.

Ford began the Drive One 4 UR School and Drive One 4 UR Community programs in Canada to raise funds for worthy schools and community organizations. The program, which began in April 2010, has benefited more than 375 academic and local organizations across Canada.

Each event was unique in with  elements like a barbecue, car wash, sports celebrities, bands, dance squads and more, to add to the excitement and encourage community support. Some of the end uses of the funds raised include sports equipment, mission trips, housing projects, musical instruments, food for the hungry, mentorship for youth at risk and park renovations.

Ford of Canada and B.C. dealerships pledged $20 for every person from a unique household who test drove a Ford or Lincoln vehicle at Drive One 4 UR School and Community events. They donated more than $230,000 for local schools and community organizations.

“We are proud of the impact this program has had in bringing together community members to support their students and neighbours in British Columbia,” said Gerald Wood, general manager, Ford of Canada Western Region. “The commitment of Ford of Canada and B.C. dealers to give back to its communities will continue in 2012.”

“We enjoyed working with so many dedicated students, staff and parents, and are proud to have played an active role in this unique fundraising opportunity,” said Amber Jackson, business development centre manager at Dams Ford Lincoln. “Thank you to everyone who made all of the Drive One 4 UR School and Community events successful. It has been very rewarding to see that we can make a difference in the community.”