TP and tissues for tiny critters

TP and tissues for tiny critters

A Langley wild animal rescue needs cleanup supplies for cub and kit season.

Critter Care needs toilet paper – for more than 400 baby raccoons.

This Friday and Saturday (June 2 and 3) Critter Care is holding a toilet and tissue paper drive at McBurney’s Coffee and Tea House.

At this time of year, Critter Care is taking in huge numbers of animals, including abandoned and orphaned baby animals.

There are hundreds of baby raccoons, as well as six bear cubs, squirrels, otters, an opossum, and other animals, said board of directors member Carol Budnick.

All those baby animals need to do two things pretty regularly – they need to eat, and they need to poop.

A small army of interns will be feeding the baby animals, some of them three to five times a day.

To clean up after them, the wildlife refuge goes through large quantities of paper.

The tissues are for burping baby raccoons, for example, Budnick said.

Over the course of a full season, Critter Care can see around 2,000 animals.

The animals are rehabilitated and released into the wild.

The Valley Women’s Network is organizing the tissue drive. All paper and other donations – liquid dish and hand soap, bleach, SOS pads, and paper towels are welcome – must be dropped off at McBurney’s Coffee and Tea House at 20504 Fraser Hwy., from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. No donations will be accepted at Critter Care’s shelter.