Next Bus map view on TransLink's mobile website,

Next Bus map view on TransLink's mobile website,

TransLink unveils real-time bus tracking

Smart phone users have new transit tool on mobile website

Metro Vancouver transit users can now get precise real-time bus locations on their smart phones at TransLink’s revamped mobile website,

TransLink’s online Next Bus service has long given scheduled arrival times at any bus stop (using the five-digit code on each signpost), among various other trip planning tools.

But the new update lets riders track the actual position of the bus they need to catch and predicts when it will leave a given stop, with map and text view options.

TransLink says knowing if your bus is on time and how far away it is should help riders decide if they need to sprint, stroll or have another cup of coffee instead of waiting out in the rain.

TransLink will feed its bus location data to Google, which also provides transit routes in its Maps app.

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