Langley Fine Arts School students carried jerrycans full of water. (Langley Advance Times files)

Langley Fine Arts School students carried jerrycans full of water. (Langley Advance Times files)

Ugandan water tap with Langley connection plays role in COVID-19 safety measures

Langley Fine Arts held fundraiser one year ago through Acts of Water charity walk

Acts For Water is one of the oldest clean water focused charities in Canada. Its mission is to provide clean, fresh water to people in Uganda.

Jeff Golby, CEO of Acts for Water, said the organization partners with our Ugandan team of about 17 local staff who then use hundreds of community volunteers to build water systems that hundreds of thousands of Ugandans use every single day.

“Along with the clean, fresh water we spend an extensive amount of time teaching hand-washing and sanitation as well as building safe latrines at schools so that people can truly experience the benefits of clean water,” Golby explained.

More than one year ago, Langley Fine Arts School participated in the charity’s premier fundraising challenge called Walk for Water during what is known as World Water Day (March 22).

Pairs of students took turns carrying yellow jerrycans through Fort Langley to symbolize the daily walk for clean water that takes part in many areas throughout the world.

Prior to the walk, each student was asked to raise $5 to donate to the cause with the goal of raising enough money to construct a tap stand at a school in Uganda that would provide students with enough clean water for a year – which they succeeded in doing.

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Golby said what the students of Langley Fine Arts School didn’t know is how important their role in raising money to install a tap stand would play in the pandemic.

“The small actions that the kids at Fort Langley Fine Arts took when they walked and gave so that we could place a tap in front of the school – that then could be used as the basis to teach hand washing – that then could be used so we could give out soap – that then could be used as a tool for us to teach social distancing – all as a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” remarked Golby.

“When they did raised the money and walked for water they had no idea that COVID-19 would happen and that their clean water would be even more critical,” he continued. “We just want to shine a light on that, and celebrate their actions.”

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The Acts for Water Canadian team recently mobilized a fundraiser in Canada, raising enough donations to purchase and distribute soap to 9000 people, establish hand-washing stations in front of health clinics and trading centres as well as teach the messages of social distancing to the community by way of posters, megaphones and radio broadcast.

Golby said Uganda is in their own form of lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which is quite extreme and is causing a high degree of challenges for the vulnerable sector in particular.

Anyone wanting to help out can find more information about the organization at


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