VIDEO: Staying connected during the extended school break

VIDEO: Staying connected during the extended school break

Credo Christian High School teacher hands out disinfected laptops to students

Nick Vanderven, IT manager and teacher at Langley’s Credo Christian High School is busy handing out tech equipment to students so they can keep busy over the break.

While schools remain closed following their spring break to slow the spread of COVID-19, Vanderven wanted students to still have access to learning material while they’re confined at home.

“They weren’t going to be used over the next couple of weeks, so we thought they could go to good use as we move into online learning,” Vanderven explained.

Parents can pick up laptops, surfaces, or Chromebooks to use at home from the school – 21846 52nd Ave – throughout the week;Vanderven estimated there were more than 100 different screens.

Vanderven said his whole family worked together to disinfect each keyboard, mouse and charger.

“It was a bit of a rush to get them out the door, but they’ll be used to host different platforms like Google Classroom which the students are familiar with,” Vanderven added.

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