Film crew investigates murder in Sendall Gardens

Various segments of a television show were being shot in a Langley City park Wednesday.

Pender Productions is filming today at Sendall Gardens in Langley. They’re filming an episode of the TV series called Ties That Bind. It is a drama centred on a female detective in a suburb of Seattle (a.k.a. Langley City). The filming today and tonight revolves around a murder and crime scene investigation. The first scene involved a stabbed man stumbling through the park towards the parking lot to get to his car. The following scene is where the man dies by his car on the parking lot. Police officers, CSI crew, medical examiner vans, news crews, and onlookers are all part of the scene making for quite a dramatic looking scenario – if you didn’t know what was going on. Thanks to Tracy Boyd for sharing these photos from the set. Does anyone else have pictures they’d like to share?