Realty Reality show set to film episode in Cloverdale

Realty Reality show set to film episode in Cloverdale

Local realtor team Monica Skrypnyk, Randy Friesen tour clients through Cloverdale homes on T.V. show

Cloverdale’s real estate market will get hit with a dose of reality this weekend, as an episode of Realty Reality films in the town centre.

The made-in-B.C. show features house hunters searching for their dream home in communities across the province, and showcases three unique homes in every half-hour episode.

Local real estate duo Monica Skrypnyk and Randy Friesen are returning as hosts this year, after filming episodes in North Delta and South Surrey for Realty Reality in previous seasons.

When the producers of the show asked them which area they would like to feature, Skrypnyk and Friesen knew they wanted to focus on Cloverdale.

“(The producers) are excited because it’s something they’ve never done, and I think Cloverdale is something that needs to be on the map,” said Friesen.

Friesen has lived in Cloverdale for a number of years, and said he first fell in love with it when he moved to Cowtown. “I had never heard of a group of homes or streets being named after cows,” he said, laughing. “I lived on Angus Place.”

To Friesen, the odd naming convention was a celebration of Cloverdale’s homegrown roots, and part of why he considers it to be a “small town in a big city.”

“Cloverdale still has that small town feel,” said Friesen. “And yet, you’re so close to everywhere. You don’t have the big boxes like Walmart in Cloverdale, but they’re within a five minute drive.”

“We have a ton of heritage and history, which I think is a huge draw,” he added.

The show is set to film on June 3 and 4, so expect to see film crews down 176 Street and in surrounding neighbourhoods over the weekend.

The episode follows Renata Vunak and Mike Crippen as they search for a new home. The couple are perfect for reality T.V., according to Friesen and Skrypnyk.

“(Renata) is an interior designer and decorator, so she’s going to be perfect,” said Friesen. “We met with her and her husband Mike and we said, ‘Renata, just give ‘er. Just do what you normally do and let’s make it fun.’”

“She’s a real bright-lit kind of person,” said Friesen.

“Mike is in the car business and he’s from a small town in Saskatchewan,” said Friesen. “He’s looking for something that will replace that small town feel, which is a good match for Cloverdale.”

The opening of the episode will feature shots from downtown Cloverdale, highlighting various businesses along 176 Street and heritage attractions such as Surrey Heritage Rail.

The featured homes will be in “newer neighbourhoods,” located near 59 Ave and 162 St, 68 Ave and 184 St, and 53 Ave and 188 St.

“The filming process is really straightforward,” said Friesen. “It’s not scripted.”

Skrypnyk, Friesen and their clients start in the front room and work their way through the house, discussing features along the way. They can spend up to two hours in a home, touring and filming. With three homes to tour, it means hours of footage and a lot that ends up on the cutting room floor.

But Skrypnyk and Friesen said they had a great time filming the previous episodes they’ve appeared on. “It was just so much fun,” said Skrypnyk. “we had lots of laughs.”

After the couple tours the houses, they tour the town and see the sights. Skrypnyk said she emailed them a list of places to see, including Surrey Heritage Rail, the Cloverdale flea market at the fairgrounds, Elements Casino and a few local restaurants.

The episode will air in early 2018 on CHEK TV.

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