LETTER: Memories rekindled for Langley senior while in self-isolation

Alice Thomas is grateful to be a Canadian as she watches COVID rip through nations around the globe

  • Mar 30, 2020

LETTER: How quickly our good fortune turns

Langley photographer Dennis Davidson crafted a poem that expresses gratitude to frontline heroes

  • Mar 30, 2020

LETTER: Are Langley’s wildlife following #StayAtHome and self-isolation?

Advance Times reader Albert van der Heide discovered this ‘locked door’ in the Blaauw Eco Forest

  • Mar 28, 2020
VIDEO: Medea Ebrahimian mourned by friends and family
Langley community congratulates 2020 graduates
Chase Claypool recalls on Father's Day when he surprised dad with a new truck
Free beer!

LETTER: Save and sound – and isolated – in Yuma

Langley couple reluctantly coming home from Arizona, fearing COVID-19 panic they’ll find

  • Mar 22, 2020

LETTER: COVID-19 demands people stop reckless acts on the road

One writer fears the impending drain this virus is going to place on our local hospitals

  • Mar 20, 2020

LETTER: Suggest learning some compassion from our past

Amid COVID-19, saddened to see people of all ages hoarding, unwilling to share

  • Mar 20, 2020

LETTER: Please leave Brydon Lagoon ‘wild’

Brydon Lagoon is one area outlined in the proposed new Nicomekl River District development plan

  • Mar 19, 2020

LETTER: Langley fashion show sparks memories

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  • Mar 18, 2020

LETTER: Looking for some of the civility not morbid reality of COVID-19

Media should focus on the good news stories out there, please – one journalist asks

  • Mar 17, 2020

LETTER: Handling of virus angers Aldergrove man

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  • Mar 16, 2020

LETTER: Time for change in the village of Fort Langley

Proposed agreement between Kwantlen and developer write ‘exciting’ new future for Langley

  • Mar 15, 2020

LETTER: Heritage road through Langley ‘unsafe’

Several residents share views about the need to repave Old Yale Road

  • Mar 14, 2020

LETTER: Can we debate policies without partisanship?

local letter writer says we could get a lot further in policy development if we put aside politics

  • Mar 14, 2020

LETTER: Hoarders please ask yourself ‘are there those who need it more?’

Toilet paper hoarding could cause problems for seniors and low-income individuals

  • Mar 13, 2020

LETTER: Renaming park after Carson unfitting

Langley reader doesn’t think it’s appropriate to name a park after this young man

  • Mar 13, 2020

LETTER: Protesters pushing their own agenda

Dear Editor, Re: [Freedom is not lawlessness, Langley Advance Times letters, March…

  • Mar 12, 2020

LETTER: Freedom is not lawlessness

Aldergrove letter writer demands it’s time to #takeCanadaback

  • Mar 12, 2020

LETTER: Put the brakes on government spending

Prolific Langley letter writer critical of financial management at provincial and federal levels

  • Mar 6, 2020

LETTER: Langley’s Old Yale Road needs to be replaced

Murrayville man describes historic road as unduly lumpy and bumpy

  • Mar 5, 2020

LETTER: Langley prayers not a solution for Zimbabwe

Letter writer argues against true benefits of World Day of Prayer

  • Mar 4, 2020