Domestic violence escalates to include everyone

Ishtar growing to meet demands of women and families in desperate situations

  • Apr 3, 2019

Carbon tax a tax on everything

Everything will become more expensive after April 1 tax kicks in

  • Apr 2, 2019

Signal for roundabouts like four-way stop sign

Earlier signalling offers more time for smooth entry

  • Apr 2, 2019
Rotary hosts annual Tip 'n Taste
World recognized pop musician sings the praises of the Langley Memorial Hospital
122-year-old Fort Langley church gets new steeple
CoWorks comes to Langley

LETTERS: Student demand to stop carbon fuel use can’t be achieved

Nuclear power is the only technology that would do it quickly

  • Apr 2, 2019

Small tax break could feed a lot of people

A local charity is in danger of failing, unless Langley City steps in to help.

  • Mar 31, 2019

Federal budget pushes jobs and training

Liberals claim better job production that predecessors, budget includes training for added boost

  • Mar 31, 2019

Investigation block by prime minister suggests cover-up

Letter-writer wants to know what Justin Trudeau has to hide

  • Mar 31, 2019

Hormone treatment a disservice to transgender teen

Writer disputes judge’s ruling that teen’s gender at birth was assigned, rather than determined

  • Mar 30, 2019

Flag not necessary top remembering atrocities

Debate revisited over the value of a Japanese flag removed from a history classroom

  • Mar 30, 2019

LETTER: Provincial government forces municipal tax hikes

NDP’s payroll taxes blamed for inflastion-plus increases in property taxes

  • Mar 30, 2019

KPU music program not sustainable

University programs are not just for the students, so they must make financial sense

  • Mar 30, 2019

Let Jody speak out

Denying Jody Wilson-Reybould full voice suggests Justin Trudeau has something to hide.

  • Mar 29, 2019

LETTER: No link between marijuana and shocking overdose stats

Claims of contaminated marijuana are a myth long debunked

  • Mar 28, 2019

MP shares federal budget information

Aldag says budget good news for prospective homeowners

  • Mar 27, 2019

LETTER: Langley golliwog controversy example of a world gone mad

People are overly sensitive and see insults in innocent things, a local letter writer says.

  • Mar 24, 2019

LETTER: Fort Langley driver lobbies for roundabout signalling

ICBC rules call for drivers to signal when exiting roundabouts.

  • Mar 24, 2019

LETTER: Langley man chides BC Ferries for debit refusal

BC Ferries says debit cards slow ticket transactions.

  • Mar 22, 2019

LETTER: Use volunteers with vehicle dash cams on Langley streets to nab bad drivers

A local resident suggests that dash cam recordings would help make streets safer.

  • Mar 22, 2019

LETTER: Langley MP pitches Tory home heating plan

Mark Warawa outlines the plans of his party.

  • Mar 20, 2019

Chilliwack grad says modest dress codes don’t protect girls from assault

Sardis alumni was ‘catcalled, harassed, and groped by my male classmates’ despite modest clothing

  • Mar 18, 2019