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More than $6k raised at Aldergrove family's 10th poker tourney

Funds being donated to Delta family battling childhood cancer

Aldergrove's Mangat family held their 10th annual poker tournament at the local legion branch on Saturday, June 8. 

Since 2015, the family has held fundraisers to honour the memory of Jodi Mangat’s mother, Surjit Dhillon, who passed away of pancreatic cancer at age 72 in 2014.

“Our family witnessed first hand how this disease can take over a families’ life, and completely devastate it,” Mangat shared.

This year, Mangat connected with mom Jace Turner whose son, five-year-old Oli, was diagnosed with b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Oli began treatment within 24 hours of being diagnosed, and faces a treatment plan spanning a minimum of three years. The most intense phase of his treatment is unfolding now and is expected to last up to 12 months.

Turner said her focus is on Oli’s well being, and is taking time off work to support him through his journey.

“The financial strain of a single mother with a significantly reduced income weighs heavy,” she shared.

“Mounting expenses from frequent hospital visits and medical supplies, physical and emotional therapies, make life even more difficult to sustain.”

All of the $6,000 raised from the recent poker tournament is being donated to Turner and Oli. 

The Mangat family’s annual fundraisers started with one poker night a year, which grew to two poker nights a year. And now, in addition to the poker nights, they host a softball tournament in August, all focusing on helping families affected by childhood cancers.

“This is in memory of mom,” Mangat said.

“We need to take a moment to remember those we have lost, and be thankful for those we still have with us. Seeing so much love in one room is heartwarming, and no words can describe what that means to me.”

The annual event has been growing each year, raising $80,000 since its inception, Mangat estimated.

The family's next fundraiser is a softball tournament coming up in August. 

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