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PHOTOS: Treasures dusted for day of vintage discoveries at Aldergrove legion

Valuable gold coin’s estimated worth at $1,500

Aldergrove seniors had an opportunity to get their old watches, rings, decanters, paintings, and other trinkets assessed at the first Food & Friends event in partnership with Langley Meals on Wheels and Bellevue Park on Thursday, May 23.

Held at the Royal Canadian Legion Aldergrove branch, the event saw a full house of people looking to get their items assessed for an estimated value by local estimator William L. Carnegie.

While there was many interesting items brought in to the event, Carnegie said an American $5 gold coin stood out to him in particular.

“I’ve seen them before, and there’s ones up to $20, and they’re just really valuable because the price of gold is so expensive,” he commented.

A Tantalus set, which is a small wooden cabinet holding two or three decanters, also caught his eye.

“If it was mint, that would probably be in the $850 range,” he said, but it had some chips in the glass and wood so he estimated it was valued at half that.

People also brought in various jewelry from the 1940s and ’50s.

Carnegie has been interested in antiques and collectibles since he was 16.

He eventually took over his parents Red Barn Antiques store alongside his brothers, which they ran for 38 years before closing it down.

Now at 74, he considers antiques a huge part of his life.

“You never know what someone might bring in,” Carnegie exclaimed.

Sherri Martin, from Bellevue Park, was the host for the event and said she’s hoping this type of event can be offered more often.

“We haven’t done anything like this in this community before, this is the first of its kind. We’re hoping it becomes something we do every year, and it may become more of a fundraiser,” she said.

The event was part of Friends on the Go, a Langley Meals on Wheels program, in partnership with Bellevue Park, Ladies Auxiliary, and the Aldergrove legion.

Lunch was $7 for attendees, which was donated to LMOW.

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