Dr. Sam Vijayan and Dr. Mathews Manampuram of Olive Tree Aesthetics

Dr. Sam Vijayan and Dr. Mathews Manampuram of Olive Tree Aesthetics

Best face forward: Separating myths from reality

Langley aesthetics clinic shares naturally beautiful treatments

If you’ve ever wondered about Botox or dermal fillers but thought it sounded too scary, read on! There are many myths about how Botox and fillers work, but the reality is much different!

Natural products for a natural look

Filler for facial volume loss is composed of elements occurring naturally in the body. Hyaluronic acid is a beauty buzzword, appearing in all sorts of topical lotions and creams, touted for its ability to plump skin and retain moisture. However, its most effective application is as a dermal filler to provide more volume and facial contour where you want it. Just like the hyaluronic acid in on-the-shelf beauty creams, these highly effective, safe products are gently absorbed by the body over three to 18 months.

Filler for chin and jawline can make a noticeable difference.

Filler for chin and jawline can make a noticeable difference.

Depending on where you want to see a difference, fillers come in different types — softer fillers are used in softer areas, like lips and under eyes, with firmer options used on the temples and cheekbones, explains Dr. Sam Vijayan of Langley’s Olive Tree Aesthetics.

The amounts used are tiny — less than a fifth of a teaspoon — and how much or how little you require is customized to your desired look, Andrea explains. With filler, the results are immediate and can be gradually increased to get the look you want, and maintenance is simple. “It’s like building blocks, you just top up every six months to a year to maintain your look!” she says.

Your best you!

If you’re thinking Botox, but are a little unsure, booking a consultation is a great way to start.

With expert techniques, you can look natural and line-free. And don’t worry – you’ll still be able to raise an eyebrow and smile!

Because Botox takes a little longer than filler to see results — around two weeks for full results — a follow up appointment allows you and your doctor to make adjustments to ensure you get the result you want. A touch up every three to five months maintains your desired look.

Neuromodualtor (Botox) for frown and forehead.

Neuromodualtor (Botox) for frown and forehead.

Other uses for Botox may surprise you. For migraine sufferers, targeted Botox application can diminish severity of symptoms and provide up to six months relief. Those with hyperhydrosis can enjoy six months to a year of relief with Botox. Are you a teeth-grinder (especially in your sleep)? Botox can help to relax those muscles and save wear on your teeth and strain on your TMJ (temporomandibular joint).

If needles make you nervous, rest at ease in expert hands. “Everyone says that the doctors at Olive Tree are incredibly gentle,” notes Andrea who speaks from personal experience! “Comfort for our clients is our top priority for every procedure. We use a full range of comfort measures to ensure that your experience is as relaxing as possible.”

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