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Camping and BBQ 101: Meals made easy

Navigating a stress-free backyard barbecue or camping trip this Father’s day

Camping season is officially here and Langley M&M Food Market owner Robert Davison has suggested some of his favourite camping meal solutions.

“I often take quite a few of our M&M products with me when I go camping with my kids. They’re a surprisingly convenient way to meal plan while out in the wilderness! Not only are they delicious, but they themselves help keep everything else cold and frozen in the cooler for an extended time as well,” Davison says.

A few easy camping meal ideas from M&M Food Market. Photo courtesy of Langley M&M Food Market.

M&M Food Market has over 400 chef-inspired food items, including 200 that can be used on the barbecue or grill for your next camping trip! Glampers can take advantage of their microwave-meal solutions for even more easy and delicious camping meal ideas.

  • First night time-savers: Worn out from travelling and setting up camp? M&M has you covered with a variety of quick and easy meal solutions. Opt for something you can pop on the barbecue, including any of M&M’s meat or seafood skewers, or one of their seven varieties of barbecue-ready ribs and more. For those enjoying the glamping lifestyle, choose from 25 delicious five-minute single-serve meals available, ensuring there’s something for even the pickiest eater.
  • One-pan clean up: Bringing one-pan meal solutions, like M&M’s 20-minute gourmet inspired meals, means easy clean-up and more time with the family.
  • Camping classics: What’s camping without enjoying some timeless campfire classics? Be sure to pack M&M’s classic frankfurters, beef burgers or their chicken breast grills. They also offer tasty vegetarian, chicken and gluten-free burger options.
  • Multi-meal solutions: M&M’s steaks are individually portioned and vacuumed sealed, lasting multiple-days in the cooler. Sausages offer the same convenience – either eat them on their own, in a one-pan meal or as a part of breakfast. M&M Food Market also offers a variety of appetizers in foil pans, including various stuffed potato options that work as sides for multiple meals.
  • Thaw and serve convenience: Last but not least, M&M’s cold salads and dessert options really are that simple, just thaw, serve and enjoy!

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Bistro steaks, orzo salad, frankfurters, chicken breast grills, shrimp skewers. Photo courtesy of M&M Food Market.
Robert Davison, owner of Langley-Willowbrook MM Food Market, shares a few deliciously simple camping solutions. Photo courtesy of Langley M&M Food Market.