Legacy on Park Avenue casts a striking silhouette, with the meticulous construction to back it up.

Legacy on Park Avenue casts a striking silhouette, with the meticulous construction to back it up.

For his final project, this developer held nothing back

Langley’s renaissance has its centrepiece, and you can live there

For over 47 years, Erich Jaeger built quality buildings throughout the Lower Mainland, establishing a standard for thoughtful design and lasting craftsmanship. But when you’re growing your career, compromising with collaborators and stressed about budgets it’s not always possible to make a grand artistic statement.

So for his final act — his legacy piece — Jaeger and JMC Properties pulled out all the stops. The result is the Legacy on Park Avenue, a building of 69 luxurious residences that casts a striking silhouette, with the meticulous construction to back it up.

“It’s the kind of building that wouldn’t make sense to a regular developer. He could have built right up to the property line, but wanted to dedicate lots of room to landscaping. He could have chosen a simpler design or cheaper materials, but profit isn’t his primary motivator,” says Ben Gauer from the Legacy on Park Avenue. “It’s a passion project: the culmination of his life’s research, designed to last for generations and still look stunning.”

Attention to detail

Take a drive past 20416 Park Ave. and you’ll see the unique curves of the nearly complete building, but the impact of Legacy on Park Avenue isn’t just skin deep.

The Cross Laminated Timber construction is not only a green, renewable choice, but also allows for larger open spaces without pillars or ceiling drops. Floors are genuine white oak hardwood with cork underlay for sound control, and hung ceilings aren’t directly connected to the floor above, which makes for even more sound control.

“We’ve all heard stories of poorly built condominiums plagued with flooding and fire. Insurance people love Legacy. The sprinklers are recessed into the ceiling so they aren’t triggered by residents accidentally hitting them. Every residence’s bathroom and laundry room has a floor drain, so issues in one room don’t flood the floors below,” Gauer says.

Quality attracts quality

A once-in-a-lifetime building calls to a special kind of resident. Legacy on Park Avenue is building not just homes, but a community of professionals who appreciate quality craftsmanship.

“This is a building that will last for 200 years, and will still be turning heads. A renaissance has already begun in Langley, and this is its centrepiece. The residents investing in Legacy are interested in something different, something special. It’s an impressive group of people — the kind of place where you’re going to love networking with your neighbours.”

Book a sales appointment now! Schedule a tour of 20416 Park Ave. at legacylangley.com/book-an-appointment, call 1-888-880-8283 or email sales@legacylangley.com. Residents move in Summer 2021.

Cross laminated timber construction at the Legacy on Park Avenue allows for spacious living spaces without pillars or walls.

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