Harmoni Pendant Reviews: Wearable EMF Radiation Protection Device That Works?

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) are purportedly the root of various health concerns today. Experts warn that EMF emits harmful radiation, causing various medical issues. Numerous devices emit harmful EMF, including phones, microwaves, iPads, laptops, and smartphones, among other gadgets.

It is challenging to avoid these electronic devices today. However, some gadgets block the harmful EMF. The Harmoni Pendant is a wearable device that can protect you from EMF. How does the pendant work? Who can use it?

What is Harmoni Pendant?

Harmoni Pendant is a wearable EMF solution that can reduce stress, slow aging, and boost your energy levels, among other health benefits. Health experts, professional athletes, and celebrities, among other individuals, supposedly approve of the product. The Harmoni Pendant works by blocking EMF exposure by increasing the biophotons levels.

It is impossible to avoid electromagnetic frequency both inside and outside the house. Studies show that EMFs disrupt the vibrational energy inside the body. The energy imbalance intensifies the risk of developing chronic stress, brain fog, headaches, and even low immunity.

The harmful EMF ray is the major reason doctors use a protective shield around your body in the X-ray room. The non-ionizing EMFs from WIFI, smartphones and other electronic appliances are as harmful as the ionizing EMF from X-rays.

How Does Harmoni Pendant Work? – The Science behind Harmoni Pendant

The proponents of the Harmoni Pendant argue that it uses the principle of bioenergetics to block harmful EMF radiation. Studies confirm that everything in the universe has its vibrations. The study of these vibrational frequencies is known as bioenergetics.

Harmoni Pendant creator claims that every organ, electric charge, smart device, and WIFI operates on its vibration frequency. Biophotons measure the frequencies of a physical body using biophotons. Verified studies define biophotons as light particles produced in the cells after a chemical reaction with sunlight.

Thus, the biophotons can explain your physical and mental well-being. High amounts of biophotons are an indicator of good health. The Harmoni Pendant supposedly enhances the body’s ability to create biophotons, blocking the harmful EMF charges.

Health Issues from EMF Exposure

Multiple studies prove that EMF exposure is detrimental to health. It is supposedly the drive behind health concerns, including:

Sleep Issues – The EMF frequencies alter some chemicals, such as melatonin, causing sleep issues. It may also elevate anxiety levels hence triggering insomnia.

Mental Issues – Electromagnetic frequencies are proven to raise stress and depression levels. It can lower moods and blood pressure.

Cellular Damage – Experts are concerned that high EMFs can cause damage to cells and tissues. The negative energies can hinder cell and tissue repair and growth.

Lower Immunity – Studies show that EMF can alter the DNA and antibodies that protect the body from diseases.

Oxidative Stress – Numerous studies prove that EMF can surge oxidative stress. Similarly, it increases the risk of developing nervous systems and heart health issues.

Pregnancy Complications – Expectant women are advised to stay away from EMF because it may affect implantation and the normal development of the fetus. Similarly, it may mutate some cells, thus increasing the chances of delivering an unhealthy baby.

Fertility Problems – Overexposure to EMF can lower sperm motility and quality. Men are advised against placing devices like tablets and laptops on their laps to protect the quality and quantity of semen.

Cancer – EMFs increase the chances of developing breast cancer.

Scientific Findings from Harmoni Pendant

Harmoni Pendant has purportedly undergone a clinical trial to assess its effectiveness in reducing the impacts of EMF exposure. Nine doctors and a team of specialists across the US conducted the study.


  • Harmoni Pendant improved the heart-rate variability by about 700% across all participants.
  • The wearable EMF solution reduced stress levels by about 48%
  • Harmoni Pendant improved biorhythms, including the sleep pattern, by about 160%
  • The Harmoni Pendant improved the energy reserves by over 530% hence combating chronic fatigue and brain fog
  • The pendant lowered the biological age by about two years, allowing the users to appear younger
  • Harmoni Pendant improved the biomarkers like energy reserves and neurohumoral balance by about 138%
  • The gadget aided users in managing stress and improving moods
  • The Harmoni Pendant supported the production and function of red blood cells hence improving blood circulation

How to Use the Harmoni Pendant

The Harmoni Pendant recommends activating the necklace before use. To activate, use a 12-inch ruler and hold it against your sternum, facing outwards. Hold the pendant on the ruler’s edge far away from the body and point it with the pattern facing outwards. Hold it for about 60 seconds before wearing it. You can activate the pendant each week to clear out all negative energies.


The Harmoni Pendant is only available via the official website. Customers can buy several pendants of different sizes and colors at discounted rates.

The company offers free US shipping on all orders. Also, a 60-day money-back guarantee protects each Harmoni Pendant order.


The Harmoni Pendant aids in converting the sun’s energy into beneficial energy inside the body. As a result, your body can obstruct harmful frequencies like EMF from causing damage to the body. It can block harmful frequencies from WIFI and electronics. Wearing the pendant adjusts the body into a balanced energy field. The Harmoni Pendant is available in different sizes and colors. You can wear it inside or outside the clothes to protect yourself against harmful EMF radiation.

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