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How person-centred home care support prolongs seniors’ independence!

Private local home care support company has been improving seniors’ quality of life since 2010
Seniors Choice for Care Inc. has been making a positive impact on seniors’ quality of life since 2010.

Independence is seniors’ greatest asset! Most seniors want to remain in control and live independently as long as they can, preferably in their home. (As we all age differently, our ability to live independently also changes. Some seniors may eventually require help with household work, while others may be able to manage on their own and some reach out to their family, friends or to home care agencies for assistance).

Reaching out and relying on others’ assistance may help maintain/restore function and prolong seniors’ independence.
Seniors Choice for Care Inc. has been making a positive impact on seniors’ quality of life since 2010 when it was established by Diane Miller, MA, retired RN, a healthcare leader with 45+ years of nursing & care management expertise. Her lengthy experience helped her promote a more comprehensive way to deliver affordable home care support services to seniors and their families.

“I am passionate, dedicated and committed to improving seniors’ overall well-being with person-centred home care services that prolong independence. My holistic home care approach addresses the whole person beyond care needs,”  Diane says.

Leading a care team of Nurses and Certified Health Care Aides, Diane empowers her team to connect and deliver safe physical home health care support including mobility. This leads to trust and confidence toward staff and restoring senior’s emotional, mental, social and spiritual health.

The team provides compassionate and culturally competent care that contributes to the family's peace of mind and quality of life for the seniors which is crucial to Diane’ home care philosophy.
The senior’s care plan includes personal wishes, cultural values and involvement of the family in all care decisions and adjustments as care needs change.

“By working in collaboration with seniors and their families I am able to share the required information and knowledge in guiding them to make informed decisions and navigate the healthcare system,” Diane shares.

By encouraging preventive measures in detecting safety issues, the team helps prevent injuries and falls.

“To age in place comfortably and safely, seniors need to be open minded to accept help and remain flexible to adapt to change in their home if required,” Diane says.

Part of prevention includes advance care planning which helps families support seniors’ wishes.

  • Diane’s home support and health care services range from three to 24 hours per day, depending on seniors' needs and can become part of their life as they should remain living at home.
  • To best support seniors suffering from dementia, Diane offers Dementia Certified Health Care Aides who are skilled and knowledgeable in monitoring and managing dementia related behaviours.
  • Combined home care support services are available as needed. Personal care for example can include Companionship support with meal preparation and cooking, shopping/errands, transportation and homemaking to support seniors at home.
  • Due to changing care needs, some seniors may eventually require transition to higher levels of support up to 24/7. Diane offers beneficial guidance and support to seniors and families on the challenging transition path to higher level care to help manage the before to after process.
  • A home health care management software provides families with important information documented by the client’s caregiver after each visit to keep them in the loop of progress.
  • Diane, now a retired RN, remains focused on helping more seniors in the Metro Vancouver area. “It’s my life’s work, and it's rewarding as I make a difference in seniors’ quality of life.” 

Call Diane today at 604-551-8867 to discuss your or a loved one’s home support needs. Learn more at