Orbi Boomerang Ball Reviews – Flying Drone Orb Kids Toy Worth the Money?

Kids have lots of free time that they often use on gadgets such as phones, computers, tablets, and more. Too much screen time can cause harm such as less physical engagement, poor mental health, and stress among teenagers. It is possible to shift your kids’ attention away from digital entertainment with a brand-new innovation called Orbi Ball.

The Orbi Ball is impressive and makes both adults and kids closer to a fulfilled life. It keeps people engaged, entertained and improves cognitive skills.

Read this Orbi Ball review to learn about its incredible features, how it works, its benefits, pros and cons, and where to purchase it.

What is Orbi Ball?

Orbi Ball is a boomerang LED-flying ball that can be used as an offline fun toy for entertainment and to improve cognitive skills. The small gadget is meant to kill boredom and addiction to digital entertainment. The ball uses drone technology to boost creativity and activate concentration.

The flying ball has RGB lights that make it colorful, diverting kids’ attention from screens. The manufacturers of Orbi Ball describe it as “out of this world fun.” Users can perform wild tricks while flying the ball, which means that kids will be entertained without getting tired of doing the same thing repeatedly.

The trendy toy is not just your ordinary toy; it can make families and siblings bond when playing. The ball is considered one of the most popular Christmas presents. The innovation uses a rechargeable battery that charges fast and lasts for a long time.

The Orbi Ball is a light and portable device, making it easy to be used by kids of different ages. The ball allows enjoyment to continue indoors and in all seasons. There are many positive customer reviews online for the magic toy.

The features of Orbi Ball

Lightweight and Portable design

The Orbi Ball is designed to float, spin, glide, soar, and bounce back. Its size and weight make it easy to toss it up in the air and catch it with your hands.

Rechargeable Battery

The ball has a high-quality rechargeable battery that charges faster. It only takes 25 minutes to charge and fully gives you a long-lasting playtime.

Drone Technology

The manufacturers of Orbi Ball used drone-like technology to ensure the ball can go up to 100 feet high, enabling it to fly, float, and climb up in the air.

Bright LED Lights

The ball has three RGB LED lights that produce beautiful colors, making playing more exciting.

Drop Resistant

The ball is designed to be drop-resistant, meaning it can fly, spin, climb, float, glide, hover, and come back to you without falling on the ground.

Wand Control

Orbi Ball uses a magic wand for control. The magic wand acts as a remote control allowing you to perform different tricks.


Orbi Ball is easy to operate and can be used by kids of all ages. It can spin in the air depending on the location you want it to go.


Benefits of Orbi Ball

  • The flying ball can keep your entire family entertained for hours. It has endless ways to have fun, including spins, floats, hovers, glides, and climbs;
  • The Orbi Ball helps reduce screen time which is harmful to the eyes;
  • The ball improves hand-eye coordination in individuals;
  • It enables kids to be more physically active;
  • The ball can create a strong bond between fellow kids and family members;
  • Orbi Ball is very useful to those who want to fly drones. It offers a nice experience for a beginner;
  • Orbi Ball is ideal for indoor and outdoor fun during all seasons;
  • It helps improve cognitive functions like concentration, creativity, memory, focus, and alertness;
  • Orbi Ball can be a perfect gift for your kids.

How to use Orbi Ball

Using Orbi Ball is easy and does not require any technical skills. Here are the simple steps to use the flying ball:

  1. Turn the boomerang Orbi Ball on;
  2. Hold the ball in an upright position and give it a shake;
  3. Toss the ball into the air and watch it do the rest.

Here are other tricks you can master:

Down Under: throw the ball into the air and watch it come back like a boomerang.

Master of Illusion: put your hand underneath the ball and resist gravity as it spins around

Climb: toss the ball straight into the air and watch it climb.


  • The ball can be used by anyone, both adults and kids;
  • The product is affordable;
  • Orbi Ball is very colorful and attractive;
  • The ball is age and gender neutral;
  • Orbi Ball is kids friendly. It is designed to ensure durability;
  • The Orbi Ball is gentle and harm-free;
  • Orbi Ball comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The Orbi Ball is only sold online on the official website;
  • The manufacturer reported that the product would soon be out of stock due to high demand.


Pricing and Money-back Guarantee

Here are the Orbi Ball prices according to the official website:

  • 1x Orbi Ball at $49.99;
  • 2x Orbi Ball at $49.99 each or $99.98;
  • 3x Orbi Ball at $38.33 each or $114.98;
  • 4x Orbi Ball at $34.99 each or $139.96.

Each Orbi Ball purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to return the product within 30 days and get a complete refund.


Orbi Ball brings a new level of fun to your kids and family. The product is safe for your kids even if they are playing unsupervised and can be used in all seasons, indoors or outdoors. It helps reduce screen time, reduce boredom, encourage bonding, improve cognitive skills, and build your kid’s social life.

The flying ball’s incredible features enhance durability, creativity, and fun. It can cause a good and fun addition to the whole family.

Grab your Orbi Ball on the official website before the stock runs out