Secure Lite Cam Reviews – Is It Worth It or Cheap Security Lightbulb Camera?

Surveillance systems are ideal for curbing property invasions or theft. They may be complex to install, and one may require a professional. However, advanced technology has led to the design of tech-savvy cameras with unique features and easy-to-install. The intelligent cameras are designed with cutting-edge features and are compatible with smart devices for remote monitoring.

Secure Lite Cam is one of the latest home security innovation cameras proven to provide safety. The creator claims that the camera is energy efficient and effective and has no additional costs. This review provides detailed information regarding Secure Lite Cam, its features, benefits, and discounted prices.

What Is Secure Lite Cam?

Secure Lite Cam is an innovative indoor and outdoor security camera. The revolutionary all-in-one camera is fixed to a light socket to transmit real-time and HD footage via the cam cloud. The camera can be installed at home or in the office, and consumers get real-time security notifications with internet connectivity.

The revolutionary camera is a plug-and-play, and once the consumer scans a QR code, they can download its app and learn its operations. The AI-enabled camera is claimed to detect motion instantly and discreetly, and unlike typical security gadgets, it can be connected to a wifi router.

Secure Lite Cam Features

The light bulb camera has advanced features, as showcased on the official website, and below are some of its unique features:

1080 HD and 360° Panoramic View

The camera provides consumers with 1080p HD quality footage, enabling one to capture all the details. Secure Lite Cam has a 360° field of view that enables consumers to capture the footage from all angles. Unlike traditional cameras, the security camera can be installed up or down with picture readjustments.

IR Night Vision Camera

The camera has built-in IR LED lights that transmit high-quality night vision even in the dark. Consumers can also upload footage recordings with an SD card without the need for paying cloud storage.

Motion Detection Notification

Consumers get real-time alerts from their smartphones once there’s motion. The advanced light bulb camera records all the movements and allows one to monitor everything closely.

Wifi-Enabled and 24/7 Smartphone Monitoring

The tech-savvy camera is directly connected to wifi, and consumers can download the Secure Lite Cam app to link it and remotely monitor all property activities. In addition, consumers can upload videos to the cloud with internet connectivity.

Plug and Play Installation

The Secure Lite Cam is installed by screwing it into a regular bulb socket. Using an iOS or Android device, the consumer scans the QR code and downloads the app, and finally, real-time monitoring starts.

Secure Lite Cam Benefits

The camera has myriad benefits, including:

Reliable and Efficient in Curbing Theft

Secure Lite Cam aids in monitoring all the sections. With a 360 degrees rotation, it captures and records high-resolution footage. Its unique design deters thefts by detecting motion and sending real-time notifications to consumers.

Monitoring Kids, Family, and Pets

Secure Lite Cam has an edge on the family’s greatest moments and security. Upon installation, consumers can easily watch their kids and pets in different locations. Further, the camera has a two-way audio feature to allow one to listen and speak while getting the attention of the other. Consumers can ensure that their kids or pets don’t get into trouble.

Workplace Surveillance

The camera is applicable in monitoring all the warehouse, home, and office areas during the day and night. Consumers can find 1080p high-quality videos remotely from their smartphones.


Secure Lite Cam Discounts

Consumers can get up to 70% discount by placing orders via the official website. The company guarantees an encrypted checkout on the shipping information. The product is available in several categories, as listed below:

  • Multi-Pack: 3 Secure Lite Cams are selling at $39.20 each, saving consumers $176.40 and at a 60% discount
  • Single Pack: 3 Secure Lite Cam is selling at $49.00, saving consumers $49.00 and at a 50% discount
  • Studio Pack: 2 Secure Lite Cams are available at $49.00 each, saving consumers $98.00 and at a 50% discount
  • Expansive Pack: Consumers can get 4 Secure Lite Cams at $39.20, saving consumers a total of $235.20 and with a 60% discount
  • Deluxe Pack: 5 Secure Lite Cams are available at $39.20 each, with a 60% discount, saving consumers $294.00
  • Family Pack: Consumers can get 10 Secure Lite Cams at $29.40 each, saving $686.00 at a 70% discount

Shipping of the products can be done in 3-5 business days at a $9.95 additional shipping fee for any of the packages. In addition, consumers who find the product(s) unsatisfactory can contact customer care and get a full refund of their money within 30-days of their initial order. Consumers can also get add-ons while placing their orders. The add-ons include a 6-inch light bulb cam extender pole, 64 GB cards for the cam, a wall adapter, and a one-time 3-year extended warranty for $31.36.

Final Word

Finding an ideal surveillance gadget for property or home security can be daunting. Some of the security cameras in the market are counterfeit, and it’s difficult to identify the ideal security camera. Most of the cameras designed nowadays have advanced features and are easy to install.

The Secure Lite Cam has advanced features, including a 360° panoramic view and real-time remote monitoring. The light-bulb camera differs from typical security cameras since it’s AI-enabled for motion detection. The Secure Lite Cam is applicable in both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Consumers can get the product from the official website at discounted prices.

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