‘Cautious’ approach by developers for Langley Mall parking lot

Councillors Dave Hall and Gayle Martin feel plan could be of greater scope

  • Sep. 26, 2012 6:00 a.m.

Plans to develop the northwest corner of the Langley Mall parking lot — with the addition of 3,100 square feet of new commercial space — don’t go quite far enough to satisfy two Langley City council members.

Both Councillor Dave Hall — who was serving as acting mayor at the Sept. 17  meeting — and Councillor Gayle Martin, expressed disappointment in the scope of a proposed single-storey building which, according to Martin, would house retail space and a coffee shop.

“A one-storey building is underuse,” said Hall.

“We talk about density in the downtown and here we have a single storey,” he said, adding that including residential space above the commercial would be appropriate.

“There is potential for three, four, six storeys or more.”

“I tend to agree,” said Martin.

“The potential is much greater there, but if we don’t promote it, we won’t see it.”

“The developers are taking a cautious approach,” said City planner Gerald Minchuk.

“This is just the beginning of other plans (happening) in the not-too-distant future.

“The owners are aware of the potential of the site. It’s up to them to realize it,” Minchuk said.

The bylaw (to allow the discharge of a land use contract) passed first and second reading in a unanimous vote.

The project will go to a public hearing.