Central Gordon development plans revealed

An estimated 4,300 people will live in the Central Gordon neighbourhood when it is built out.

Township planners anticipate that the next stage of expansion in Willoughby will provide 2,000 dwelling units that will draw 4,300 people.

Planners have been working on Central Gordon Estates for four years. The newest Willoughby neighbourhood is bordered on the west by 202A/202B Streets, 73A and 72 Avenues on the north, approximately 205 Street to the east, and 68 Avenue to the south.

On Monday, May 7, council gave first three readings of a bylaw amending the Official Community Plan. A public hearing will be necessary, although a date for that has not yet been set.

The plan provides for a variety of housing, which would include low density (one unit per acre), townhouses and apartments, and higher density single family homes of up to eight per acre.

Five percent of single family houses and 10 percent of apartments will be adapted for seniors and the disabled.

Although there are no schools within the Central Gordon Estates boundaries, Langley School District staff have indicated that existing and planned schools in the area will accommodate the anticipated influx of students.

According to a report to council, the vision for the neighbourhood is based on creating a walkable centre at the core of the neighbourhood which will be the “traffic calmed” intersection of 204 Street and 70 Avenue.

The walkable neighbourhood will provide easy access to commercial services, environmental areas and transportation nodes.

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