Chen promises to bring accountability to council

Bert Chen, a recent university graduate, launched his campaign for a seat on Township council on Canada Day

Bert Chen

Bert Chen

Bert Chen, a recent university graduate, launched his campaign for a seat on Township council by handing out more than 300 bottles of water to thirsty spectators at Canada Day celebrations in Fort Langley and at McLeod Park.

“I grew up in Langley, and I can see today that Langley needs to move forward with a new approach on council, and representatives who are able to stay committed to the people,” said 21-year-old Chen, a University of Ottawa graduate.

“Langley deserves better. Citizens deserve someone who is able to bring accountability, transparency and, above all, proper representation for all residents.”

After more than two years working for Langley’s Conservative MP Mark Warawa, Chen worked on federal government legislation, parliamentary committees and government work projects.

He hopes to bring the expertise and experience from his time in Ottawa to help Langley achieve all that it can be.

“Only by co-operation with other levels of government can we hope to complete the projects that our community demands of us,” he  said.

Aside from intergovernmental co-operation, one of the major points that Chen is running on is enhancing local representation.

“As mass media and communications are so widely available today, we have an opportunity to bring democracy to each individual constituent,” he said.

Chen vows to bring a new level of direct democracy to council so that every council vote will reflect the demands and opinions of citizens who contact him.

“Whether it is by the Internet, telephone or traditional means of communication, I am here to listen and represent what the people of Langley want. I believe that council has lost objectivity. With this in mind, I pledge to represent my community at all times.”

A member of the Langley Conservative Electoral District Association, Chen is actively involved in the community and is a strong believer in the conservative ideals of fiscal responsibility, transparent and accountable democracy, strong communities, and moral values. He said that council needs to be re-energized with new ideas and new practices that are able to work for Langley.

“By bringing modern ideas we can successfully bring Langley towards a better and brighter future.”

Chen said that the cornerstone of his campaign is that “democracy is what the people want, so expect me to be knocking on your door asking you what you would like for Langley and how I can better represent you.”

Chen’s website is, his facebook page is at, or on twitter at bert_chen.