Cloudiness in water ‘not a concern’

Cloudiness may result from a flow reversal test at pump station in Maple Ridge.

The Township of Langley told residents in northwest Langley and Willowbrook not to worry if their tap water turned cloudy on Monday.

There was “a possibility they may experience turbidity in their tap water.” a statement from the engineering department said.

” … please be reassured that it is from in-system and is not considered a health concern” the statement added.

The cloudiness was the result of a required 24-hour flow reversal test on the new Barnston-Maple Ridge pump station.

The $46 million station at 200 Street and Lougheed Highway is connected to  the $33.5 million East Langley water project to bring Metro Vancouver water to Aldergrove and Gloucester.

The five new pumps in the station will be able to move more than 300 million litres of water a day when they begin operating.