Cow standing in middle of Highway One killed

Impact of hitting cow sends SUV onto its roof, sending two to hospital near 248 Street overpass

A cow standing in the middle of Highway One caused a multi-vehicle crash and sent two to hospital Wednesday morning.

The cow was killed in the crash, after being hit twice by vehicles.

Around 12:45 a.m., a semi-truck heading westbound on the freeway, near the 248 Street overpass, hit the cow. An SUV following behind the semi then hit the cow. The impact flipped the vehicle which had a man and woman inside, said Freeway Patrol Sgt. Roland Pierschke. That area of the freeway is very dark, he said.

The pair, who are in their 30s, were taken to Langley Memorial Hospital with minor injuries, he said.

Police are trying track down where the cow came from using its ear tag. No one has called saying they are missing a cow, he said. The crash closed down the freeway for around an hour.

A cow is a pretty strange animal to be seen on the freeway, he said.

Recently a family of ducks slowed traffic on the 200 Street off ramp as drivers waited for the group, with babies, to cross.

There was also some incidents involving deer at the 232 Street exit recently.

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