Earthquake supplies stolen from Langley school

Thieves break into Simonds Elementary School

Simonds Elementary prides itself on being “the small school with a big heart.”

But parents, students and staff are feeling pretty heartbroken right now, after thieves stole the school’s earthquake supplies.

Meghan Fryer, PAC president of Simonds Elementary, said on Monday, April 2, someone broke the lock on a box that held the students’ earthquake supplies.

“After years of discussion as to where to keep our earthquake supplies safe and away from the school, we finally had a box donated to keep the supplies outside,” said Fryer.

“We used our Parent Advisory Council budget to fill it for the school so the parents would not have to.”

The contents range from water bottles and granola bars, to shovels, axes, tarps and first aid supplies, which would sustain the school community of 160 after an earthquake.

“All we would like is for the people responsible for this theft to know that we are a community school and they have stolen from our children items that could potentially save lives and bring comfort in a disaster situation.”

Unfortunately, there is no way the PAC can replace everything they have had donated and purchased over the years.

“We are a small school with a small budget,” she said.