Gayle Martin second-highest paid of Metro directors

Langley City Councillor Gayle Martin earned $35,522 and another $2,612 in expenses as a Metro Vancouver director in 2011.

Langley City Councillor Gayle Martin was the second-highest paid Metro Vancouver director in 2011, with only board chair Lois Jackson, the mayor of Delta, getting more from Metro Vancouver taxpayers.

Jackson, who declined to seek re-election as chair this year, earned $66,887, with another $13,637 in expenses.

Martin earned $35,522 and claimed another $2,612 in expenses.

North Vancouver District Mayor Richard Walton, vice-chair of the Metro board, earned $33,161, with no expense payments.

Other top-paid directors were:

– Greg Moore (Port Coquitlam mayor and current Metro chair): $29,250 plus $9,693 in expenses;

– Wayne Wright (New Westminster mayor): $28,980 plus $1,557 in expenses;

– Darrell Mussatto (North Vancouver City mayor): $27,000 plus $262 in expenses;

– Derek Corrigan (Burnaby mayor): $23,760 plus $217 in expenses;

–  Tim Stevenson (Vancouver councillor): $24,615 plus $3,525 in expenses;

– Malcolm Brodie (Richmond mayor): $21,310 plus $233 in expenses; and

– Harold Steves (Richmond councillor): $21,064, with no expenses

These figures are Metro salaries and expenses only. Mayors and councillors are also paid by local taxpayers for their council work.

There is more salary detail online. The web version of a story on Metro directors’ pay has an interactive graph showing changes in the salaries of Metro Vancouver mayors since 2006.