BC Human Rights Tribunal (The Canadian Press)

BC Human Rights Tribunal (The Canadian Press)

Human right complaint in Langley gets re-set

The complaint has been dismissed and re-filed

A human rights complaint by a transgender former resident of a Langley assisted living facility has been dismissed and will be re-filed and the process started again.

In 2018, Angela Dahl filed a complaint against Langley Lions Senior Citizen Housing Society, and the Evergreen Timbers Assisted Living Facility where she had lived.

She alleged discrimination by some staff and residents when she transitioned to living as a woman starting around 2015.

Last November, the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal ruled that some of the earlier allegations couldn’t be heard by the tribunal because of the delay in filing a complaint. Allegations raised about incidents in 2015 and 2016 were dismissed, but that still left a few allegations related to incidents in 2018.

In December, Evergreen asked for a judicial review, saying the remaining portions of the complaint should be thrown out.

Now, both Dahl and Evergreen have agreed to a proposal from the Human Rights Tribunal, according to a decision published earlier this month.

The original complaint will be rejected, but five allegations will be considered a new complaint.

Those allegations surround incidents in mid-2018 and involve alleged discriminatory conduct, comments, and behaviour by people in the facility. Dahl alleges the facility failed to take action or investigate in response.

None of the complaints have been proved before a court or tribunal.

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