Jail time for two wire thieves

Two men were cutting wire in June, in a rural area along 64 Avenue.

Monique Tamminga

Times Reporter

Two men caught stealing wire in Langley are spending several months behind bars.

On Oct. 10, Delaney Morgan, 40, and Robin Hibbs, 46, pleaded guilty to theft of wire charges. Morgan was sentenced to seven months in jail, plus a few more weeks for breach of conditions.

Hibbs was given eight months in jail.

In June of this year, police were called out to the 22200 block of 64 Avenue where a person had seen two men cutting wire as they walked down the street.

Police were able to arrest the two men, one of whom was wanted on outstanding arrest warrants.

Theft of wires continues to be a big problem. Police are asking the public to continue reporting suspicious activity around telephone poles. If individuals are seen climbing a telephone pole (working on the wire) or lingering around a hydro substation and don’t appear legitimate,  call 911.

There is a cost and inconvenience to Telus subscribers when the wire is taken, and small businesses lose their ability to access banks via Interac, said police.

The biggest concern is the loss of the ability for the general public to contact emergency services.  Active telephone wire was stolen near Langley Memorial, Hospital causing a ‘blackout’ period for both the entire pager and phone system for the local hospital.